Last W10 insider preview, double-click on links trouble

hi, with the latest insider build preview (dev channel, B20197 22.08.2020) looks like our MS friends has broken something related to links i guess, if i double-click on an existing link on my desktop i have an half second hourglass then nothing happens, this with old links and new created links

some tests i did:

double click on a link >> nothing happens
right click on a link, context menu, open in dopus >> nothing happens

right click on a link, context menu, open path to folder >> works as designed, opens in dopus
right click on a link, context menu, open >> works as designed, opens in W10 file manager

drag and drop a link onto the dopus icon >> works as designed, opens in dopus

same behavious also with real folders, links to files and real files can be opened instead

i know i am running an early build and i also know that the trouble is not related at all to directory opus, is there something i can check to solve while waiting for the next build?

thanks in advance, paolo

(between previous and current build nothing is changed in my dopus settings, ask for more infos if required)

update: with the "don't replace explorer" enabled links to folders can be opened again (inside the w10 filemanager of course)

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Immediately after installing the latest Windows Insider Preview when I left click on any folder on my desktop nothing happens. I can right click on the same folder and then left click on Open and the file opens.

I went into the program settings and clicked on Explorer Replacement and changed the setting to “Don’t Replace Explorer with Directory Opus”
Now, when I left click on any folder on my desktop, the folder opens with Windows Explorer without any problem

Any suggestions.

If you're running Windows Insider builds, the purpose is to beta-test Windows. You should report any problems and incompatibilities to Microsoft so they can address them before the OS update comes out.

of course Leo, even the dopus version i run is a beta version, it is just to inform dopus developers and see if there is a temporary solution. other than that i made a full backup of my themes and settings, uninstalled dopus, restarted my machine and without directory opus installed this problem is not present at all. Write a post on the insiders hub i think is not useful to my case. other consideration, without dopus and with an app from a dopus competitor links are normally opened. regards, paolo

Tell Microsoft, not us. There is no point in beta testing Windows if you aren't going to tell them when they change something and break existing software.

From our point of view, we have wasted too much time in the past chasing the moving target of beta OS updates and won't spend time on issues that only affrct unreleased versions of Windows. The non-beta versions of Windows 10 are unstable enough (especially the recent 2004 update which I had to roll back). We don't have insider builds installed, and have no interest in helping Microsoft to test them.


in my idea you should try from time to time your products under new os betas, at least to avoid bad surprises but i respect your idea. anyway, thanks for your time, paolo

We've learned that there's no point. If we make a change in response to one OS beta, we might have to change it back again with the next one.

The proper response to problems with OS betas is to report them to Microsoft.


hi, if you still have this trouble i found a temporary workaround to mitigate it

in your shortcut properties, you can add explicit information about the path to the folder to open and the shortcut will works, paolo

(i don't know if this is the best solution so far but at least i can open my shortcuts!!!)

  • NOTE: 9/3/2020 Windows Insider DEV channel version 20206.1000 resolves this issue. *

For my own comments on this please see notes below.

I have reported this particular issue to Microsoft via their Feedback Hub. However, in about 2 years of me reporting issues, only one (monitors dimming after windows update) was addressed! I'm not really sure Microsoft is actually listening or even understands any of the thousands of feedback issues reported, as they rarely add an official response. Microsoft, IMHO applies their efforts to creating new features rather than fixing existing features, with no concern for the amount of time spent by vendors and other users in debugging their ever changing core windows platform software.

Leo, Welcome to my non-exclusive club of Lover & Haters of Microsoft. I give them credit for trying, but they seem to frequently fail on quality control. I truly think that breaking things that worked fine before is intentional! They call it progress! Anyhow, we don't have much other choice except to roll with the punches and hope developers like GPSoftware are agile enough to track and fix things that MS breaks. I don't blame GPSoftware for not addressing issues with Windows Insider but I would encourage that GPSoftware take a cursory look at issues to see if any quick fixes or workarounds can be deployed. Based on MS History, I do not believe that waiting for a MS fix things is the best strategy! Thanks!

Why do you waste your time beta-testing software for a company that ignores feedback?

We certainly don't want THEIR feedback about THEIR betas.

If the problem is still there in a released version, we'll look for a workaround. Until then, it is a waste of time as things may change between now and then. That's the entire point of betas.

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Continuing the discussion from Last W10 insider preview, double-click on links trouble:

More Information:
With the August 21, 2020 Windows Insider build, the Opus setting for "Replace Explorer or all file System folders (recommended)" results in some desktop shortcuts failing. Specifically references to the Windows special folders such as Administrative Tools, Control Panel, Devices and Printers will stop working.

The workaround is to set Explorer Replacement to "Don't replace Explorer". Doing so will also disable Opus from automatically opening Listers when you most want (or need) them!
Alternatively, you can reconstruct each non-working shortcut. For example I have found that the following shortcut will launch control panel (but it does so thru an Opus Lister).

"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd Go shell:ControlPanelFolder

The aforementioned link above mentions this is due to Windows Insider, and this may indeed be the underlying cause. I believe the Explorer Replacement issues began with Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20197 Released on August 21, 2020. There are some specific mentions about changing how Settings work such as Bringing Desk Management into Settings and this may have longer term implications.

I am aware that GPSoftware has documented it's position on no making changes to support Windows Insider (beta versions).
However, it occurs to me that this issue may be a hint of what is coming down the pipe in a future Windows release, and so it might require a quick look-see to at least understand if this is an issue.

If anyone has any better workarounds that keep the Opus Explorer Replacement working, then please do share them with us!

My Environment:
Windows Insider build 20201.1000 (installed 8/29/2020)
Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.21600.0.0

Other problems fixed include an issue that prevents users from reducing the size of a window in some cases, a blurry sign-in screen and an issue that causes applications to take a long time to open.

Just to re-iterate why it would be a waste of time for us to look at issues caused by Windows betas, and why the correct thing to do, if you are going to beta-test Windows, is to report issues to Microsoft (or don't run beta versions of Windows, if you aren't going to report issues to Microsoft and want to report them to us instead).