Latest version affects Windowblinds/skinning?

I know this doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, but I was wondering if something changed with the way the latest DOpus version handles themes/visuals. It used to work fine with Windowblinds themes, now it completely ignores them.

Implementing dark mode required we made our own skinning system, similar to WindowBlinds except it only affects our process not the whole system. We have to block WindowBlinds from hooking our process or the two systems get in the way of each other and everything looks like a giant mess, unfortuantely.

(We're also using the same hooks to implement a lot of new functionality even when not re-skinning things now, such as hyperlinks in checkbox labels, so turning them off wouldn't really work. While we built in a way to disable the hooks, it would take out too much functionality now to be a good idea.)


Gotcha. How can I utilize this new skinning system myself?

Preferences / Colors and Fonts / Windows Colors. It only supports color changes at the moment. We might expand on that in the future.

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