Launch does not remember lister layout names

I want each open lister to have it's own name in the title, and keep track of the tabs/Layout/Style, so they can be opened just like they were when they were closed.

  • "Name in the title" like the current Layout/Style name can be displayed: (Layout1) C:\Windows
  • If I have lister (1),(2), and (4) open, then reboot, these 3 listers should open again, just like they were, with (1), (2), and (4) in their respective titles.
  • If I then open lister (3), it should look just like it did when I closed it last.

Part of this can be done by using Styles which specific Tab Groups, but the Tab Groups don't have an auto-update feature.

The way Dopus is setup now, on reboot, previous session windows open, but with the Layout name "openListers" in the title. If I open the Layout by name, it does not have the tabs opened last.

Also: Why no save-Layout? Can't save the current layout as the current Layout...? How does this make sense?

We have plans to make the original layout name be remembered across restarts, but at the moment it'll always be replaced by "openlisters" (as that's technically the layout that is re-opening all those windows).


  1. Remembering across restarts: Could a simple script do it?
    a. First tab is named to match [Layout/Style/Tabgroup]
    b. On-load ...
    c. Get first open tab top/left TG...
    d. If match L/S/T else check bottom/right TG
    e. Load L/S/T

  2. Save open tabs automatically... Can this be done with a simple script?
    a. On Tab [ChangePath / NewTab / TabRemoved]
    b. If is named [Layout/Style/Tabgroup]
    c. If L/S/T name starts with +
    d. Save L/S/T

  3. Dopus is incredibly thorough, complex, yet stable; Is there really no simple save Layout/TabGroup command?

These features could boost the productivity of Dopus astronomically.

I think doing that particular thing via scripting would be more complex than it would be worth. I guess the script could put the layout name into window variables and then pull them out after the restart, but I think it would be quite fiddly.

Yes, there are events for when windows close, or the program exits, as well as when folder tabs are opened or closed. A script could respond to one of those and re-save the folder tab group.

There are commands for both.

Simple versions of them are in the menus, e.g. Settings > Lister Layouts > Save, or the right-click menu on the folder tab bar.

Both will use the name of the last loaded layout/tab group by default.