Launch DOpus with DopurRt vs previous session


From my app , I use DopusRt to open a folder in DOpus in a new tab. The command is, for example:
"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /acmd Go "C:\Program Files" NEWTAB=tofront

When DOpus it already open, this command adds a new tab to the active lister with the specified folder. This is what is wanted.

The issue is when DOpus is closed. Having the option "Open the Listers that were open when the program was last closed" on, DOpus normally reopens the last set of folders. But if it is launched with the DOpusRt command above, the lister contains only the new folder. Those from the previous session are lost.

Is there a way, using DOpusRt, to launch DOpus with a specified folder that will be added to the folders from the previous session?


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Would be great to have this fix between QAP and Dopus. Amazing tools!

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The "Open the Listers that were open when the program was last closed" option can potentially open multiple listers. Is that what you want to happen here?

The best bet, if Opus isn't already running, is probably to launch Opus without any arguments, so it can open any windows it wants, then run the command above to open a new tab in one of them.

Running dopus.exe without any arguments will always open at least one window (the default lister will be opened if nothing else), so you can wait for a lister window to appear to know when it's safe to ask for the new tab to be opened.

(dopus.exe noautolister can be used to suppress the default lister while still opening the previous session's windows, if there are any, but that probably just makes things harder for you in this case. Just mentioning it for completeness.)

You were right. I tested it and it works. Thanks :slight_smile:

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