Launch more than one applications by a function

To launch an application by an icon is very simple: cd "path" "path/appname.exe", so, as I need an icon to launch three applications, I wrote:
cd "path1"
cd "path2"
cd "path3"

but Dopus patiently waits for the app1 to close, then launches app2...
Could a kind soul explain how to tell Dopus to launch the three apps at once, (or maybe with a one second delay between apps)?


You could try using the @async: command for each program launch. This works for exterenal commands only.

Thanks, this works fine! And leads to another question:

cd "path"
"path/appname.exe" /minimized

fails to launch the app minimized. In help, I couldn't find any reference to other stuff than minimize Dopus itself.
With friendship,

Try @runmode=min as an additional switch.

Thanks a lot.

It didn't work, but neither did it with a windows shortcut with /minimized.
This means, I suppose, that this application is bugged.
Anyway, thanks a lot for your kind help.

Would you happen to know how to create a button creating a text file
containing the clipboard, into the active window, named with the 40 first acceptable characters,
and that wouldn't begin by a space.
I've abandoned this after tons of unsuccessful tries.
Man, Dopus scripting is not that easy !

With friendship,