Launching directory opus instead of WindowsFile Explorer

I want to launch directory opus from inside programs that can launch file explorer,like photo editing too Capture One (simliar to Photoshop). I thought that with your Pro version that with directory opus set to replace file manager that this would be possible. Is it only possible from the command line? I was hoping you had "tricked" Windows into launching directory opus when file explorer was launched but my tools still launch file explorer instead of directory opus. Is this a misunderstanding on my part and something I have to take up with the software manufacturer?

update: it works for some programs and not others. Capture One always launches file explorer but imatch (photo organizer tool) launches directory opus when I tell it to launch file explorer.

If you mean the Windows Shell's File Open/Save dialogs, see here:

Clipboard Image

If you mean things opening File Explorer to display a folder (not to select and open a file), turning on Explorer Replacement should usually cover that, but it depends how programs open things. We can provide advice if needed there.