Layouts & Jump Lists

Opus 12.2 / Win7pro64

When I organize my layouts into folders in Prefs, those layouts which are inside folders are no longer avail in JumpLists, and as such are no longer avail on the taskbar.

If you have enough to need folders, they probably wouldn't work with Jumplists anyway, since Jumplists are severely limited in how many items they can display (about 10 or so). It's an OS limitation and it isn't even possible for the program adding items to be sure which items are visible and which the OS has simply thrown away.

It seems to me that if the JumpLists displayed and treated the Layouts in 'flat mode' thereby disregarding folder structure as far as tasklists are concerned the issue could be readily solved.

Sure, but if you have more than about 10 layouts then you won't see all of them in the list, only the first or last few (depending on which the OS decides to throw away).

(I'm guessing you have a lot more than 10 layouts or else you probably wouldn't be organising them into folders.)

Yes, I've had about 35 layouts for many many years, and I find the new folders feature an excellent addition, but the essential 7 that I need on the task bar are no longer available. So... I have to choose to keep the seven I really need unorganized outside of the really cool folders, or tuck them away in the folders.
I've never ever had any of my favorite seven get discarded by the OS.
I think just exposing them in a flat mode without the folders in the prefs dialog under Jumps would be just the ticket.

Ah, I see what you mean now. So you don't want all the layouts or folders to be on the jumplist, you want to be able to pick a handful (spread through different folders) to be on the list, but the only choices right now are the top-level ones. That makes sense. I was seeing things from the wrong angle before, but I think I am on the same page now.

We'll look at changing things so that is possible.

Yes, I think we are on the same page.
I believe, from my perspective, that the only change that needs to be implemented is that the JumpList Prefs page list the contents of the Layouts contained within the folders on the Layouts Prefs page.
Does that make sense?
Thanks for looking at this.

12.2.4 (beta) is now available and should let you add nested layouts to the jump list

Ah, very nice indeed !!