Lazy one: Easy way to batch process?

Is there an easy way to batch-process all files dependant on a previous Dopus action, like searching ?

What I want to do is to fill a lister with results and then have them auto-selected and automatically run a batch process on them. Or any other way to automatically run a sequence of commands on files, that represent a result of a former Dopus action.


You mean automatically after the search finishes, without having to do a select-all and click a button to launch the command?

Well, I guess that won't be really possible. It is about "workflow" and every solution, that eases it is appreciated. Basically I want to "apply" something on the result from "something that happened before".

This could mean the results in a search-container and I just select something from the menu (which is the action) and it gets applied.

As an example: Either start a search manually, have all results selected and apply the action from the menu. Or, alternate, invoke the action, which requests for a seach automatically and then applies the sequence (the batch) on all results without any further user-interaction.