Leading zeros in track number tag column?

I'm noticing that leading zeros are removed from the track number column whenever it's less than 10. I really prefer having leading zero's, so I'm wondering, is there a way keep the track numbers as they are actually tagged? (I always tag my music with leading zeros).

The Track column shows whatever is in the file's tags, at least for MP3 files (I didn't check other types). So if you want leading zeros, make sure the files are tagged that way.

That's odd, because it seems like it has trimmed the zeros on the screenshot you provided for the download page of the Audio Tags plugin: pretentiousname.com/audiotags/index.html

I'm using the Audio Tags plugin that came with originally ( I've checked Ogg, FLAC and MP3 files, and it shows with the same results. It's all tagged with VorbisComments/ID3v2 via Mp3tag.

Oops! :blush:

The good news is, this is already implemented for MP3 files.

The bad news is, the change hasn't been released yet. I thought it had always worked this way but apparently it's something new in the pre-release version I'm using.

The other bad news is, Ogg & FLAC files won't get leading zeros as the AudioTags plugin doesn't currently have a way to tell Opus anything but a number. You could send GPSoftware a feature request if that's important to you.

Oh. What a shame...
Well, I guess it's not the end of the world.

Wow, I noticed you fixed it in version 10. Thanks, leo!

Sorry if this is not the right thread, but does version10 no more supports tracknumbers in id1 tags ?

only ID2 Tags now ?