Leo's Thumbnails Toolbar


I was playing with Leo's thumbnails toolbar tonight, and realized among other things,
that I could not convert gif images with alpha transparency to png images with alpha transparency.

I can do this using JASC Animation Shop 3,
but I wondered if a freeware command line tool existed that could accomplish this.
GIF images have been kind of forbidden in PHP for some time now due to copyright considerations, and the GD library does not support them.

But I wondered, could the alternative, Image Magic do it?
Image Magic is supported under PHP, but it turns out the PHP support isn't needed at all.

I've just succeeded in converting my Porcupine.gif to Porc.png with alpha transparency intact !
I used the Free Image Magic convert.exe command line tool !
It was just convert.exe Porcupine.gif porc.png .

It's very late here, but I'll write more if anyone is interested.

:opusicon: porcupine