LevelZap script\button?

For years, I have used LevelZap, an open-source software. LevelZap is a Windows Explorer add-on that adds an item to the contextual menu on all folders allowing the user to zap the folder by moving all files and folders within it up one level, then deleting the folder itself.

In Opus, this works just fine, but for years, I've had to right-click a folder and find the LevelZap context menu item. Making my own script for this with a hotkey instead of a context menu has always been on my To-Do list, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Do you know if there is a script for this in Opus?

I think the post pinned to the top of the Buttons/Scripts area includes a button that moves a selected folder’s contents up a level.

It’s standalone and doesn’t require any other tools.

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Similar also here:

What I currently use:

Copy MOVE FILE={filepath$}* TO={filepath|..}
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Work great. Thanks!