Lib path


Is it possible to have the library paths show as the full path instead of "lib://"?
so I could paste it in other software?

I've looked around the forum's archive but couldn't find a proper solution.

Especially when wanting to combine Listary's functionally of jumping from the library window to the other software, having the path automatically copy-pasted, it wouldn't work when the path is lib://

Any ideas?

thanks in advance


The Location and Full Path columns already do that, as do the Edit > Copy Full Pathnames and Edit > Copy Other > Folder Path commands, as well as buttons using {filepath} to send selected paths to commands.

The path field itself won't show that because the library path is distinct from the underlying folder path in terms of navigation, but all or most other ways of seeing, copying or using the path will give you the underlying folder path.

Hey Leo

It's usually about texture folders, so I am looking at them with the thumbnail view, meaning I don't see columns.

The Listary feature copies/pastes the path of the folder automatically when jumping through windows, so in that case it copies the lib path which results in an error at the destination software.

Maybe then the best approach would be to key shortcut the copy full path button.



The Edit > Copy Other > Folder Path command already does what you want. You could add a hotkey to that, or move it to a top-level toolbar button, for more convenient access.

What Listary does is up to Listary.