Libraries and Folder Options

I have various libraries with different folder settings.
I made a favorite viewing and saved it as a favorite format in the folder options dialog setting.
Now I want to set another library to the saved format, but what ever I do, the saved format will be overwritten or all the libraries will be set to the saved format.
How do I set a selected library to the a saved format?

Figured out doing it through Settings, but very troublesome.
Settings->Folder Formats
Add new Path Format and select the library.
Reset Page->Set From Favorites, select favorite and OK.

Step 1: Apply your folder format to the library, e.g. by picking it from a list

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Step 2: Save it as a path format for this library


(Not sure if the second button is somewhere in the standard setup)

There are many ways to change the view to another setting, but the problem is it will be the same on other folders until reset or reloading Dopus.
And when Dopus is reloaded everything is back to normal.
The only way I have found is to load the wanted listing, save it for the specific library and reload Dopus - or do it via Settings.
No big problem when you first have figured it out, but it took some very annoying time.
Have not yet tried to change a favorite to see if this also will change settings for other folders where the favorite was used.

Looked into this again and found a reasonable way of doing this.
Choose the library and open Folder Options...
Select Reset Page->Set from Favorite and the favorite
Select Save... and Save format for a folder
Is it possible to make a shortcut for this?

Lxp's post above had a quicker way: Libraries and Folder Options - #2 by lxp

But how many libraries do you have that need folder formats changed more than once?

You could also set a single format for all libraries if you want the same format to be used in all of them.

I think I haven’t been clear enough about the problem.
For the Lxp suggestion, the selected folder will change to the new chosen format, and if the selected folder is using the default formatting, all folders having the default format will now be shown in the new selected format until this formatting is reset or the Lister is reloaded!
What I wanted, was to the change the formatting for a specific library (or folder) and not changing the current formatting of other folders and this change should remain for all new Listers.
It is this operation that is tricky and wanted a simpler way next time I want to format a specific folder or library permanently, so I do not have to fiddle with it again.
Regards the library formatting I wanted to change the setting to a saved ‘Favorite’ format, because several of them have mixed folders and the standard formatting was confusing, and getting it right lead to the annoyance.

If you make changes to how things are displayed, they'll be carried over when you navigate to another folder in the same window, if the next folder is still using the same format as the previous one. (This is so you don't have to keep reapplying the same changes every time you navigate to another folder, should you want to look at things in a different, ad-hoc way sometimes.)

Opening a new folder tab and closing the old one is one way to throw away those remembered changes, but you could also run the Set FORMAT=!folder command to do the same thing (and load the current folder's format).

Or, you could make a button which runs this command:

Set FORMAT=!folder

That would save the format for the current folder, and then re-load it and remove any temporarily remembered changes.

(Actually, I'm not sure if you need the second line. The Folder Options > Save button will effectively do both lines at once automatically, at least. If you're using commands to save the format instead of the dialog, I'm not sure if it does the extra step without making it explicit. I'd have to check. But using both lines won't hurt either.)

Tried it and seems to work for now :smirk:
Here is what I did.
Dopus folder

I really don't like this and prefer another approach!
I prefer a folder format change only shows to the folder involved as long as the used folder tab and Lister is open. Several changes can be made in the corresponding folder tab and possible be saved all together with a "Save" button.
The current behavior could be selected with a "Follow" button - or reverse.
Is it possible to have the folder format to be shown in status bar as shown in the Preferences>Folder Formats?