Libraries show folders instead of the containing files

My wish is to have a button that takes me directly to my Music Library.
Clicking on the Music Library in the Folder Tree takes me there alright, showing my music files from different locations.
Creating a button to go there, however, seems not possible.The only /GO command that really works for libraries is /GO LIBRARIES, this will show the individual libraries perfectly and lets you open Music/Pictures/Videos etc from there without any problems. But i wanted to create a button that takes me directly to LIBRARIES -> MUSIC.

I found that dragging the Music library from the Folder Tree to a toolbar creates a shortcut button that takes me to the MUSIC library straight away.
Unfortunately, when i use this shortcut, the music files that are shown when i open the Music Library via the Folder Tree are not there.
I only see the folders "My Music" and "Public Music". it is also not possible to open these folders from there. Left/Right clicking on them does nothing.

I did create a custom library in DO so i can type /GO Music now but this has the same result. I keep seeing only two music folders.

Am i doing something wrong or am i missing a setting somewhere?

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A quick search for library button finds this thread from a few days ago (answer is in the first reply):

Thanks Leo, but.....

This is the thread i also already found and used to create the button.
Although this newly created button does take me directly to MUSIC, the result is that i only see 2 folders: My Music and Public Music.
There are no audio files shown(i have plenty in those folders).
The folders that are shown are also impossible to open.

Sorry, my fault for not reading your question properly!

Instead of dragging Music from the folder tree, select Libraries in the tree so that the list of libraries appears in the main file display, then drag Music from the file display (not the folder tree) to your toolbar. da man! :wink:

Working like a charm now. THanks!