[Win7] Buttons fo Libraries

As I know for "Libraries" folder we can make button with "go /libraries" command. But what about specific library ? How to create button for "Music" library for example?

The easiest way to make a button to any non-filesystem location is to drag the folder to a toolbar when in Customize mode. When you drop the folder it will automatically create a button that goes to that folder.

Oh shh.... i mean ... WOW it works! Im suprised that its so easy. One last thing (i know i know i should make another topic but this is very little thing). How to turn off shorting the names of folders/files? For example instead "Adobe CS4" i have got "ADOBEC~1"

Easy, buy the program instead of using a pirate version :slight_smile:

I have original version 6 on my XP and downloaded 9.5 now for Win7 on laptop. Yeah i cracked it because i had enough license reminder (especially when it minimized Mass effect 2 and It crashed). Im testing it for 3 days and if i consider it worth this money then yeah ill definetly buy it. I do this way with games also. :slight_smile:

Why would you crack it after only 3 days if you were only intending to evaluate it?

If the message in the licence window wasn't clear, the very first FAQ should have been:
How to get a full, free 60-day evaluation and prevent the nag window from appearing.

Eeeekhm ... i didnt know that :unamused: . In most cases there is no posibility to shut down reminders because they are main weapon to force users to buy full version. So when once again it appeared and crashed ME2 (loyality mission for Miranda :stuck_out_tongue: ) for me it was clear that if i want to get rid of it i must find a way to crack it, I dindnt even pay attention to what is written on license window :stuck_out_tongue:

The funniest thing is that now when im reading this solution, it seem easier to extend evaluation for 60days and turn of reminder than crack the whole program. Because to crack program i had to [details removed].

Heh, as they say "sometimes if you want to somethng fast it is better to slow down" :smiley: