Library in Folder Tree has (C:) appended

Hi, this is not a functional problem but it is a little annoying. See the screenshot.

Right Click / Properties shows "Accounts" without the (C:)

Any thoughts?

Version 12.8 /64 on windows 10 /64 1803


That happens automatically for normal folders added to libraries, I guess in case you have one with the same name on multiple drives.

The other folders are special system folders, e.g. "Downloads" is a system folder which points to a real location on disk, rather than the real location being added directly. That's why they are different.

If you don't use the individual member folders of a library (at the second level below the library), and only want the merged view of all the folders at once (at the first level of the library), you can hide them from the tree entirely by turning off Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents / Show member folders individually.