License options & registration failure

I currently have a six-pack of licenses and the Upgrade price for DirOus 13 is $175 (USD). I can't afford that right now but I am not able to find a way to reduce the number of licenses to something I can afford. I run three OSs on this PC, so if memory serves me correctly, that means I need a 3-license pack. right? How can I select fewer licenses?

Also, I tried the registration option, both from within DirOpus and from the web page, and in both instances it was refused.

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In general, one physical machine equals one install licence.

Common purchasing, upgrading and licensing questions - Opus FAQs

Thanks for the reply -- and the FAQ link -- but reading the FAQ indicates that if I only upgrade one of the six licenses, I can not continue to use the other five older licenses. I can 't afford six new licenses, and I can't afford to lose 5 of the current ones, so I have to think long and hard about what to do next.


Here's the section from the FAQ:

  • **I have five Opus 11 licences, can I just upgrade one of them to Opus 12?

**Not really, no. As above, when you redeem your old Opus licence for a discounted upgrade the old licence is cancelled. So in this case, if you upgraded to a single Opus 12 licence you would actually lose your additional four install licences altogether. Of course, if you decide you don't need five licences any more this may be acceptable - the choice is yours.

UPDATE: I checked with Sales and they CONFIRMED that I will lose ALL the licenses that I do not upgrade. This is just plain WRONG!! I paid for those licenses -- permanently -- so I should still be able to use them even after a new version comes out, and not lose the use of them simply because I can not afford to upgrade ALL of the my licenses.

I will be looking around for an alternate product and NOT be upgrading this one.

Is there any software on the market where you can upgrade from a multi-PC-licence only one licence and stay for the rest on the old licence? I do not think so.

Its alway an all or nothing.
I guess that only works if you bought 6 single licences. Then you should be able to upgrade each of them separately. Or is that the case? Then it would be false if it is not possible to upgrade only one, yes.

So you also stay on version 12 until you can afford the full upgrade. Or downgrade the licence if you do not need 6.

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Buying a standalone licence for 13 and keeping the old licences on 12 is another option.

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Another user pointed me to your thread on elevenforum, where I noticed you said:

Since I run two PCs with multiple OSs

If you only have two PCs you don't need more than a dual licence. VMs/dual-boot etc don't require their own separate licence - you only need one for the physical machine they run on. Send me a PM and I'll see if we can work something out for you.


At to other apps and licensing, all the other multi-PC licensed apps I own are single licenses, so they are upgradeable individually.

I'm not going to be able to afford the $175 to upgrade my six-license pack, so I will keep those PCs on v12 -- as that is good enough.

I've already sent Sales an email asking about purchasing a single license for my primary desktop. I'm waiting for a response.


I actually support 12PCs and run DirOpus on ALL of them -- hence the need for a six-pack of licenses.

But I don't actually need v13 on ALL of them and am think now of only upgrading two PCs to v13 -- but have no info on pricing for individual licenses.

OK, so how do I send you a PM -- from here?

I'm a bit confused about your situation as you have given multiple conflicting explanations.

You say you have a "six licence pack". What exactly do you mean by that? If it's one registration code, with six install licences, this entitles you to install and use Opus on six physical machines (plus an additional personal laptop licence).

Virtual machines and dual-boot OS installs don't count, only the underlying physical machine.

In your thread on the other forum you said you had two PCs in a VM/dual-boot situation, so based on that I was prepared to help you out. Now you say you're actually using Opus on TWELVE different PCs. If that's 12 physical machines, you're already exceeding your licence count.

We need to know exactly how many physical machines you're using Opus on. If you link your forum account then we can look up your licence and work out exactly what the situation is. Alternatively you can discuss this directly with

Jon: I'm sorry -- in that I'm combining different things.

I originally had a 3-pack of licenses, using DirOpus on three PCs. Then, I wanted to use it on more, so I contacted the seller and they told me two things: (1) I could use a single license on two PCs, not one, and (2) if I bought another three pack, that would allow me to use DirOpus on 6 more devices. So,that would give me 6 licenses -- which I could use on all 12 PCs (some of which are laptops).

Now, they want more than I can afford to update the license pack, so I have decided to keep the v12.33 install on most of the PCs and get a new v13 license to use on two PCs -- my primary desktop and my laptop.

So, I sent sales an email asking what it would cost to buy a new v13 license.

And -- I clicked the link for my account -- and it failed, saying something went wrong.

Who is "the seller"? I think Opus is only selled by the company itself. Directory Opus - GPSoftware

For a single licence that is somehow correct, because you are allowed to install on one PC + one personal laptop (and nobody cares if the second is really a laptop).
But that does not multiply with further licences.

Single Licence: One PC + one Laptop
Dual Licence: Two PC + one Laptop
Triple licence: Three PC + one Laptop

So, if you have two triple licences (do you have two certificates and keys?) you could install it on 6 PC + 2 laptop. According to Jon it would stay at 6+1 (I'm only a user; Jon a developer of the software...)
So, 12 PC is too much. 7-8 is max.

But are you using 12 PCs in parallel? Because it would be much cheaper to have licences for the main PCs (which are used often) and have an USB Export Licence and to use on additional PCs the USB Version.

Try this link for acount linking: Directory Opus Resource Centre


Thanks for the clarification. But I have purchased a single license for DirOpus v13 and will only upgrade one PC with it.

I'm done with this thread now.