License question

I have Directory Opus 9 running at home and it's great. I have a license for one machine. However, I have a question about upgrading that license to DOpus 10, which I would then run on my home machine. In that case, if my employer upgrades my work machine to Win7, I would be looking for a file manager for my work machine. Could I run DOpus 9 on the work machine while still running DOpus 10 at home? Or would the upgrade give me an upgraded license that would still be for one computer -- with no permission to run the old version on another machine?

I hope I'm being clear. Thanks in advance for whatever the answer is :slight_smile:

An Upgrade is an Upgrade and not a second license which means you're not allowed to use 9 and 10 on two different machines. Your single license allows you to install one copy on a Desktop machine and a second on a Laptop.
If you want to use DOpus on two Desktop Computers you'll need a second licence.

Or get the boss to stump up for a company wide licence?