License Terms for Virtual Machines

I am doing some development work in a vmWare virtual machine on my laptop. Both the host system and the VM system are Windows 7. Can In install Directory Opus in my virtual machine if the host system I am running it under and a licensed version of Directory Opus installed?

Yes, that should be fine from what you've described.

Opus Pro is licensed per physical machine and the license includes this line which looks like it covers the case you described, assuming you're the only user of the machine and VMs:

On a machine for which you have a license, you may install the software on multiple operating systems or virtual machines for use by one user at the same time.

See the full license in the help file if you want to check the exact wording.

I haven't purchased dopus yet, so it doesn't keep some installation counter anywhere, theoretically it would install on many physical machine then? I'm asking because I use alot of VM's.


As long as all the VMs are running on the same physical machine and the whole setup is only used by you, you should be fine as far as the licence goes.

Details of how the software checks it is licenced are always subject to change but the software generally should not prevent you doing anything that the licence allows.