Light mode: Wrong colors for menu entries in dialogs

When selecting entries in a menu from a user dialog with the keyboard the currently active/selected entry gets a different color. This works well in dark mode, but in light mode, the color remains the same and the selection changes cannot be seen.

The difference there is down to the way the dark and light listview themes are configured by default:

  • Light theme defers to whatever Windows does by default, where listview item text is black whether normal, selected, hot, etc.

  • Dark theme makes selected item text brighter, so it shows up better against the fairly bright selection background color.

You can change it in both modes via Preferences / Colors and Fonts / Windows Colors / Listviews / Items.

But what does look wrong is that there's no focus/selection rectangle around the active item. That might be a bug.

Got some simple code to show a similar UI that we could play with? Is that a custom dialog or one of the Dialog's pre-baked prompts?

Now I know what they are called :slight_smile:

All my settings in Colors and Fonts are stock (except for quick filter background).

I played a bit around with the colors. The setting for Item text has an effect, but the color for Item frames never gets applied.

That's a standard dialog from this add-in:

The context menu should work on any column with less than 30 unique entries.

Looks like it only goes wrong when launched via the header context menu. If I run it from the FAYT's command mode (EditQuickFilter HEADERKEY=name) it's OK.

When it goes wrong, the dialog never enables keyboard focus display. (Managing that is quite tricky sometimes. The way it's turned on and queries in Windows is frankly bizarre.)

We should be able to fix it, when we get a chance to look in detail.

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Debugging Skill Level: Advanced :+1:

Managing that is quite tricky sometimes. The way it's turned on and queries in Windows is frankly bizarre.

Wow, that bug seemed so minor, like just a typo or missing entry causing it. Apologies for throwing you into another battle with the OS :wink:

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