Light Theme with good contrast

Hello there,
I recently bought Directory Opus Pro and spent some time creating my default theme.
It is light theme that I like for healthy contrast and eye friendly. I like dark themes but they are not very good for prolonged reading or work with CAD, work with detailed information.

LIGHT THEME MOD 2022-11-28.dlt (859.9 KB)


Definitely one of the most pleasant and manageable themes to look at. I use it on 3 pcs 27" 4k monitors at my work. Mainly CAD work, thanks for sharing :grinning:

Thanks Michael. I was a little disappointed that DirOpus shoes page number only for one type of files. Here Windows File Explorer is better or maybe I don't have the right settings.

Anything Explorer shows Opus can show as well. But which file types are we talking about here? (And this would be better in its own thread. :))

PDF predominantly. I searched and found 2 or 3 threads in the forum but after wasting 2 hours I stopped trying setting pdf pages. There should be an easier way to setup this.