Link Repair with Filecollections?

when in Win7 a shortlink is broken due to changed name of the containing folder, it ist repairable.
But the collections in Dopus are not? The typical repair from right click does not function.

May one has to place the collections on the same partition?

thanks for answers

If a collection includes a folder, and that folder is renamed while Opus is running, Opus should detect the change and update the collection.

If it happens when Opus isn't running then the collection will point to the old name (and the item may be removed from the collection when Opus realises it no longer exists).

If Opus is running but doesn't seem to be detecting the change, check that Opus can see the folder name change if it is looking at the directory where the folder is when it is renamed. If it doesn't notice the change at all, try the suggestions in this FAQ entry: Changes to folders are not being detected.