Linked Tab Groups in dual layout not working correctly

I'm having trouble with linked tabs.
For testing purposes I have done the following:
Whilst in dual pane mode, Under Settings > Preferences > Folder Tabs > Tab Groups I created a tab group. The group was edited and folder paths C:\ and D:\ added. I selected the Change Side (alt-H) button so C: was Left File Display and D:\ was Right File Display. Using the Link Tab button I linked D:\ to C:. The process was repeated to create more tab groups to other paths. In each case I have "close existing ..." unticked and "Define tabs on specific sides..." ticked.

I created a button that opens each tab group using the command Go TABGROUPLOAD=TGROUP1 and so on.
This is the problem I see.

With multiple pairs of linked tabs open (let's say 3 on each side), I select the 2nd tab in the left window and it works. I try to change to the 2nd tab in the right window and both windows change back to the 1st tab.

The same happens, regardless of which tabs are selected or which window I start on. It always switches both windows to the 1st tab when a tab is selected in the destination window.

I have tested this in Dopus 12.14.0 and 12.16.0 on both Windows 10 and Windows server 2016 and I get the same result. I've also tested it with a default install with no changes other than the tab group creation and the addition of some buttons to launch the tabgroups.

Am I missing something about linked tabs?.

It sounds like the 2nd tab on the right was already the active tab (on that side) when clicking on it (since clicking the 2nd tab on the left before that would have switched both sides, due to them being linked).

If that's correct, then my bet is that the tabs switch back to the 1st pair when you click the already-active second tab because Preferences / Folder Tabs / Options / Click selected tab has been set to Go to previous.

Hi Leo, thanks for the reply.

That doesn't seem to be the case. Firstly, that setting was set to "Rename Tab" which must be a default as it is nothing I've chosen to change.
As for the active tab, it doesn't matter how many tabs are open or which linked tab is selected, it switches to the 1st linked tab every time.
As another test, I now have 4 linked tabs in each window. I opened a non-linked tab in each window with the non-linked tab selected in each window (it doesn't matter where in the chain of 5 tabs the non-linked tab is positioned). I now select any of the linked tabs and both windows switch to the 1st linked tab.

What does the tab group look like in the editor?

I have just a single pair in each tab group so only 1 tab in each window opens:


I also tried setting the "Click Selected Tab" setting to "Do Nothing" an dit made no difference.

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I see what you mean now. The old and new sets of tabs get confused with each other.

We've fixed this for the next beta.

Many thanks Leo.