Linking html and folders?

I might be missing something, but in Explorer, I can delete an .html or webpage file and have it also remove the associated data folder that contained the page images, scripts, and such. Is there a way to toggle this behavior?

I work with a lot of web documents and this would save me a lot of time. I know not everyone enjoys this behavior, so if it's not already present, I would like to request it as a switchable feature to make the best file manager even better.

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You can sort them together by mixing files and folders, which can make it easier to select both at once.

Beyond that, you'd need to use a special button to delete the other half of the pair if only one was selected, unless you resorted to a script that monitors selections all the time and auto-selects one if the other is selected (but that would harm performance, I suspect).

You could use this button to select matching folders:

Select PATTERN="{=RegEx(file, "(.*)\.html?$", "\1_files")=}" TYPE=dirs
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