List all Empty Folders

How do you get a list of all the empty folders and sub-folders in a directory?

See these threads:

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I had a look at the links and I was interested in the command button.
It was not complete and tested however.

Does anyone have a command button configured that will list all of the folders?

Just a further note on this ...

what I'm looking to do by listing all empty folders is to get a print out to CSV so that I have a record of them prior to removing them from the directory.

Then I'd suggest you go with Leo's method of using flatview... something like this might work:

<?xml version="1.0"?> <button display="both" icon_size="large" label_pos="right"> <label>Test Button</label> <tip>Test Button</tip> <icon1>#pathfield</icon1> <function type="normal"> <instruction>Set FLATVIEW=Mixed </instruction> <instruction>GetSizes</instruction> <instruction>Set SORTBY=size </instruction> </function> </button>
You can then select the folders reported as Empty in the size column, and use another button, hotkey, etc to copy the full paths to those folders to the clipboard and save that info to a log you could keep somewhere on your hard drive...

i use "remove empty directories 2.1" is free so google it