List of files and folders from FIND window sending to Clipbo


I'm trying to find a way to send selected files, from a FIND window, with different paths, to a txt file. It could be used the Kenneth R. Alcock's UserCommand as template. UserCommand2 (Opus 9 default UserCommand) lists files and folders from current directory.

[code]Runmode Hide
:: ::
:: PrintTree ::
:: Directory Opus 8 User Command wrapper for ::
:: Version: 2.0 ::
:: Kenneth R. Alcock ::
:: ::
@Echo OFF & If /i NOT [%OS%]==[Windows_NT] Goto 95-98-ME
Title Folder Tree Report
Call Set ReportPath={sourcepath$|noterm}
Call Set Filename=Folder Tree Report--{Date|yyyy'-'MM'-'yy}-{Time|HH'.'mm'.'ss}.txt
Call Set Files=&FILES&
Call Set PassedPath=&PATH&
If .%Files%.==.1. (
Call Set TreeParams=/A /F
) Else (
Call Set TreeParams=/A
If Defined PassedPath (
If Not Exist "%PassedPath%." (
Call Set BadPath=TRUE
) Else (
Call Set ReportPath=%PassedPath%

> "%TEMP%%Filename%" Echo.Date: {Date|yyyy'-'MM'-'yy} {Time|HH':'mm':'ss}
>> "%TEMP%%Filename%" Echo.
If Defined BadPath (
>> "%TEMP%%Filename%" Echo. Invalid Path Passed!
>> "%TEMP%%Filename%" Echo. %PassedPath%
) Else (
>> "%TEMP%%Filename%" Tree /F %TreeParams% "%ReportPath%"
Start /wait "Notepad" Notepad "%TEMP%%Filename%"
Del /Q "%TEMP%%Filename%" > Nul
Goto :EOF
Problems are:
1 - it lists ALL files.
2 - it list files from only one folder.

Questions are:
1 - How to list ONLY selected files from the FIND window?
2 - This window may has files from different folders.
3 - This list must go to Clipboard or a txt file.

I know these are a batch commands. Is it possible to select files and make a list using batch commands? (loops, for, if, else?)
The solution may come from Opus Commands, or other. If it attendts the requested task...

Just select them, then use Edit -> Copy Full Pathnames.


I'm always impressed with this forum. It is clearly the fastest forum I ever seen... :smiley:

My Opus is 9. If I make a FIND command, I get the FIND window. If I click Edit (Opus main window), FIND window is cleared and Edit/CopyFilenames/AsFullPathNames is not avaiable (gray).

Output the find results to a collection (or use Tools -> Find Panel instead of the find window).

The commands for putting files in the clipboard are here in this FAQ, if you want to build a similar menu for Opus 9: Commands to copy selected filenames to the clipboard


And, yes. I'll build a similar menu for Opus 9.

Congratulations, Leo. Your forum is excellent, awesome!



Yes, this is solved, but I'd like to make better the new options on context menu. To keep it similar to Opus10 Edit Menu, is it possible to make submenus?
I mean, to insert "Copy Other" to context menu and other copies to "Copy Other" line, just like the same in Opus10 Edit.

Context Undo Cut Copy ... Copy Other Short Names Only Short Pathnames URL ... Select All Invert Selection
It's also similar to SendTo option. It has a submenu.