List of keyboard shortcuts

Is there a list of keyboard shortcuts anywhere?

Help > Keyboard Map lists all the configurable ones.

(There are a handful of hardcoded ones in addition, like tab and return, and things like Alt-F4 which are mostly standard in all apps.)

Ok thanks. Is there a command to toggle either side of the dual lister?

Easiest way: Make sure Preferences / File Displays / Options / Use Tab key to switch source/destination in dual-display Listers is on and use the tab key.

Perfect. Thanks

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Not sure how I missed this, good to know.

It would be good to have the name and description searchable and also to be able to export the list so that I could search it in a PDF etc

It is searchable:

Note that the the [Z] icon next to the search field toggles between searching for the hotkeys themselves (e.g. push Ctrl+C to see all keys involving Ctrl+C) and typing in text to search all the other details.

The list can be exported:


If you export to CSV format, you can import that into Excel or Google Sheets and then format the data as desired and print to a PDF, if you want to use PDF format.