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When I create a new toolbar and add the buttons in like "Cut" "Copy" etc... the title (Label) is always positioned by default is located below the icon which makes my horizontal toolbars very fat.

Is there a way when creating a new tool bar to set the default label position for all added buttons to that bar to be positioned to the right? because currently I need to right click "Edit" the button and change the location induvial and it's pretty time consuming.

Also some folders in my lister require very minimal views like when viewing many Thumbnails at once, I've been using Everything by void tools as a quick option since my Toolbars take up too much space depending on my DPI/Scaling on different resolutions. For example I have 1 monitor that is 24 inch then it's connected to a larger 55inch TV for presentation and training in the board room. Is there a way much like "Tree View" On/Off to press a button to hide all toolbars on/off? Or leave some on for example just the Toolbar containing my search address bar for navigation but hiding all toolbars related to Operations and Editing.

Another question I have which is related to file selection in a lister for example.
Check box is turned on and I select a bunch of files with the check box and sometimes I'll miss click and it deselects all the individual files that were previously ticked in that lister. Is there a way to "Reselect" the ones that I have cleared? I press "Undo" or "Reselect" button but it doesnt work. Same goes for when I highlight a bunch of files with the drag box and if I unselect by miss click same again I cant reselect them.

Regarding check boxes is there a option to make the actual check box larger? specifically in thumbnail mode? I'm finding larder thumbnails have a huge selection border which im trying to make smaller so I can get the box closer to the actual icon but cant find any way to achieve this? If that's not possible is there a way to increase the actual check box "box" size ? if not I suggest this should be added to advanced options since it would be nice to have for those on high dpi monitors like in 4k.

Microsoft Store - Quick Look App.
The application Quick Look in the Microsoft store advertises that it works within Directory Opus but I havent been able to get it working. What should happen is when I press space bar on a highlighted picture or mp4. a player should popup previewing the media. Too be honest it would be nice to see your own media player inbuilt into Directory Opus, I know the one available you guys are working on remaking a whole new thing but that's not for a while I keep being told.

(If you're wondering why I'm doing this I'm creating 2-3 themes that I plan to release on the resource center that are schemed on Windows 11's current default themes that are available and soonish)

Sorry Chuck,

I'll be mindful in future I was unaware of the rules

New buttons take on the appearance of the buttons they're created next to, so you should only have to change it once for a given toolbar.

The Toolbar command can turn toolbars on and off, and be put in a button or hotkey.

Not sure what you mean there. Checkboxes avoid that kind of issue. Maybe start a new thread with more detail.

You can adjust the size and spacing of thumbnails under Preferences / File Display Modes / Thumbnails.

I've never used it before. I'd suggest asking the people who make it how it's meant to work.

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Thank you for your replies on this thread Leo!!! I'm only just seeing them :slight_smile:

FYI*** re; Quick Look I got it working just need to install the Desktop version from Github not the Microsoft Store App like I was attempting to use.

If you havent used Quick Look it's pretty handy for viewing videos or pictures inside of Directory Opus because you just press space bar over the file and it opens a media player super fast much like the default pre-viewer in Opus but with UI more suited for viewing on High DPI res as sometimes Opus viewers buttons or search bar go into micro view haha.

How to install or upgrade a plugin

  1. Download the plugin in .qlplugin format.
  2. Ensure QuickLook is currently running, select the file and press Spacebar.
  3. Click on the Install button, then restart QuickLook.

Microsoft Store apps are often restricted / cut-down. I guess it makes sense for some software, but not a lot of useful desktop tools which need to be able to talk to each other and use the full Windows API. Another reason to avoid that place. :slight_smile:

None of the actual Opus viewers should do that (if they do it's a bug and we'd want to fix it). But some external viewers which can be used in Opus, like the Windows Media Player viewers, still don't support high DPI and will have very small buttons.

Microsoft seem to have abandoned both WMP viewers and, after breaking them and leaving them broken for a year or two, "solved" the issue by simply disabling movie playback in File Explorer's viewer pane these days, sadly. (We found a way to make them work again in Opus, but they still don't have modern features like high DPI support.)