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Lister Background Images Not Changing

I have the following devices on my computer. They each have their backgrounds set to an image.

C: Red
D: Default
E: Default
H: Brown (Removable HDD)
J: Blue (Removable HDD)

If I click on the J: device. The blue image is displayed. But if I click on the D: device in the same lister then the blue image is still displayed instead of displaying the default image. Then I can click on the C: device and the red image is displayed but if I then go to the C: device again, then blue image is displayed.

It doesn't happen all of the time.

Make sure the format lock in the status bar is not turned on. You can also hover the mouse over it to see which formats are currently in use, which might reveal what's happening.

I'll check it out next time it happens.