Lister Colours

The main reason why I purchased DOpus was due the to ability to use FXP between my two PVRs. Is it possible to have one PVR file display yellow and the second PVR file display green but when I'm not using the listers for FTP functions then the file displays are a third colour?

DOpus is still in the system tray when I exit the program. How do I make it exit completely when I click the exit button at the top right corner of the program?

If it's ok to click another button instead the exit button, you could use the command Close PROGRAM to fully exit Opus. That command is also included in the standard "menu" tool bar, where you can find it under the far left menu, "file".

You can set a background colour for the current tab under Folder > Folder Options:

To save it for the current folder, use Save > For This Folder. If you want it for the whole site, do it in the top level of the site, and choose Save For This Folder And Subfolders.

If you want to see and edit all the folder options you have saved previously, go to Settings > Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats. You can also create path formats there as an alternative way to do the above.

The Shutdown Directory Opus when the last Lister closes option will do this. The How to Exit DIrectory Opus guide has more info (and reasons you might want to keep Opus running in the background instead).

Thanks for the help.

I've been mucking around with things but having no luck in assign colours to the File Display Toolbar and Folder Tree just for the FTP sites as well. I searched but I could only see them assigned for source and destination only. Is it possible to change then just for FTP sites?

Only the file display background can be set per-folder.


Oh well, it's great that I can have the FTP sites with a different background colour.