Lister column for photo time taken *sub-second*?

Is there a way to have the "Date Taken" column for photos show sub-second time? That's an available tag in the exif data, and at least iphones record it for bursts. TY.

You can turn on milliseconds in time columns, although I don't know if the data is there in EXIF as all my images seem to have .000 for the milliseconds part:

As ever, TY for the rapid response!

I've turned on msecs now, but indeed they're always rounded. I see now that within the exif data, the tag "DateTime Original", which I think is what windows and dopus look at, is rounded to second, but what I was looking for was "CreateDate", which has the msecs. Occasionally matters for burst photos, for example. I'll try the Icaros incorporation suggested to my other post.

Thanks again. Amazing how responsive you are.