Lister format lock control

I just noticed that I cannot "turn on" the format lock control in my status bar. I used to be able to, but when I try to now, the lister just changes states (from source to destination).

Here is my status bar config:

{h!}<b><#FF0000>{hi} hidden</#></b>, {h!}{h!}{smp3}/{h!}{h!}{tmp3} playtime, {h!}{sd}/{td} dirs, {sf}/{tf} files, {sba} / {tba} {h!}({df} free){h!}{rpad} {bg+w=-1,f=3,t=no,c1=#00ff00,c2=#ff0000,g=2}{pu}% full, {df} free {fl} <b>{ls}</b>

Help, please!

Just to let you know, I think Jon is having a look at this, and it seems to be due to certain status bar formats (mine is fine but a couple of other people are also seeing the problem).

(mine is fine but a couple of other people are also seeing the problem).[/quote]

And I'm one of those people who submitted a bug report about it nudel. However I did not submit my current status bar format with that bug report, but I've pasted it below in case Jon or Greg happens to be nearby.


{sd}/{td} folders, <#000080>{sf}/{tf}</#> files,
{sba} selected{h!} ({hi} hidden items){h!}{rpad60}
{pu}% full, {df} free
Disk Full % {bg}

Thanks for the heads-up, Nudel.

I'll keep my eyes open for it in a future point-release.

PS--sorry for breaking the tables with my long status bar script. :frowning:

It seems like if you just move the format lock status bar code around, you can get it to work again... for instance, if you make it the first code on the top line, it seems to work ok.