Lister in Admin Mode, programs not elevated

Hi there,

when I elevate a lister in Dopus and specify a local administrator user in the UAC prompt, programs doubleclicked in that lister are still starting in low integrity (logged on user). I'm talking about any special folder like described here: [Programs launched from a desktop lister in admin mode?). Just any application within C:\Progam Files.

To my confusion, when I right click in this lister and open a command prompt, it is running under administrative privileges.

Is this "by-design"?



I think that's normal. Admin mode will elevate anything which is run in a button / hotkey etc., but not things that you double-click in the file display.

The Launch as Admin button below will let you select one or more exes and then launch them as admin. If the lister is in admin mode then it will happen without a UAC prompt; otherwise you'll get one prompt (per use of the button, regardless of how many exes are selected for launch).

(How to add example buttons to your toolbars and menus)

<?xml version="1.0"?> <button backcol="none" display="both" textcol="none"> <label>Launch as Admin</label> <tip>Launch the selected programs as Administrator</tip> <icon1>#adminmode</icon1> <function type="normal"> <instruction>@admin</instruction> <instruction>{filepath$}</instruction> </function> </button>

Thanks a lot Leo. This does it.

Anyway, the DOpus behavior in this case can be confusing. I always expected that anything I start within an elevated lister runs in high integrity level. Maybe it's some feature for an upcoming version to create two different admin modes. One, that only elevates for file system actions (like the current one) and another one that elevates every process startet from within the lister.

Just a though...

+1 for elevating everything when in admin mode.

My natural idea for doing this myself would be to go into the filetypes and extend the open action for programs with something like a @admin_if_adminmode modifier.

Whoops, my bad, I meant the open actions for ANY types where I want an elevated action. Not only programs explicitly started (double-click on .exe file) from an admin mode lister should be auto-elevated, but also implicitly started programs (double-click on a txt file opens the editor). My guess is that the current admin mode "automagically" prefixes SOME of the operations with @admin but not those definied for file types.

This feature means a lot more than the current admin mode, so I'd offer them both renaming the current admin mode to... errr... "limited admin mode" :slight_smile:

Leo, I must admit I am a bit confused here.
I don't totally understand what is going on in this thread.

However, I must reply to your assertion that :

The command Set ADMIN=Toggle works differently today than it did in DOps .
In early DOpus 9 versions, setting Admin Mode enabled a UAC free install of programs double clicked in the lister.
I used KeePass 1.11 to verify this after reinstalling DOpus .

Using the current version of DOpus , , UAC prompts again after the double click of KeePass 1.11 with Set ADMIN=Toggle on.
I'll reinstall now and restart.
I'll post again if my findings are wrong.