Lister Layouts with multiple listers - listers not sequentially ordered

I have one lister layout which contain 2 lister windows. Before dopus v13, when I opened this lister layout, the two separate listers were sequentlially ordered in the Windows ALT+TAB key sequence so that I could quickly switch between the two open lister windows.

Since v13, if any other Windows applications windows are open, one of my listers opens as the first window in the entire sequence of open window applications, but the second lister is placed by Windows as the last open window in the sequence of ALT+TAB, which means I have to ALT+TAB 2 or more times to switch between the two lister windows in my layout.

Is there a way to correct/improve this behaviour?

Additionally, and also in versions of Dopus earlier than v13, these two lister windows in my layout open correctly but in the task bar, the desired lister window, although my top window, is listed second in the taskbar rather than first, and the secondary lister window, which correctly opens under the first lister window in the lister layout, is listed first in the taskbar, which is counter-intuitive. I have tried several times to resave the lister layout as I would like them to appear, but no luck. Is there a way to correct this too?

Layouts are saved and re-opened based on the window z-order, which roughly correlates to the order each window was last made active.

The taskbar seems to show windows in the order they were opened, so that should still work. Seems to work here from a quick test.

Maybe you need to re-save the layout, being careful to click the windows in the desired order first.

Thanks Leo. I tried - again - to be careful of exactly what you describe, as I've done before. But this problem (more like an annoyance) persists. :frowning:

We've found the cause of this, and have a change coming in 13.2.1.

(Note that it can still happen if the machine is running slowly, but shouldn't happen under normal situations once we put out the change.)

That's really great news, Leo. Thank you.

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