Lister lists .doc files as OOBE.Document - why?

I am using DOpus Today I installed SoftMaker Office 2012 (an alternative to MS Office). When I look in the DOpus lister, I see that .doc files are said to be OOBE.Documents rather than TextMaker documents. I have set the .doc file association to go to TextMaker. When I look under File Types in DOpus, .doc files are associated with TextMaker. When I look at the folder listing in Windows Explorer rather than DOpus, the .doc files are said to be TextMaker documents. Why, then, does the DOpus lister persist in calling them OOBE.Documents? (I might add that this also screws up the icon associated with the files.) Is there something I can do to correct this?

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried exiting and restarting Opus and/or rebooting since installing SoftMaker...?

OOBE.Document is probably the actual .doc filetype while TextMaker is set to be the default Open With handler for the .doc extension.

It's a bit confusing since Windows effectively has up to two filetypes for every extension.

Off the top of my head, I'm not sure which of the two places the Type column gets its name from, but the icons will respect the Open With handler if there is one (the same as Explorer does). However, as Steje says, you may need to restart Opus to get it to notice that the handler has changed. (Same with Explorer sometimes; the change events don't always propagate properly.)

Duh...mystery solved! :blush:
Thanks very much, Steje, for your quick and embarrassingly helpful response!

Thanks, Leo. I replied to Steje at the same time that you posted. And yes, Steje and you are right--all it took was exiting from DOpus and restarting it.