Lister open automatically when system start in 10.0.2

In settings, I have checked :
. Launch Directory Opus automatically on system startup
. Don't open any listers

But when system start, a lister is open (it's the lister that was open when directory opus was closed)

In 10.0.1 it's ok.

If you turn off Explorer Replacement (via the Preferences page for that, next to the Startup page you're already looking at) and reboot, does an Explorer window open instead?

Thank you for your reply Leo.

I turn off Explorer Replacement and after reboot an Explorer window was open.

I uncheck "Launch Directory Opus automatically on system startup" and reboot.
No Explorer window or Lister was open.

That doesn't make sense at all. The Launch Directory Opus option would never open Explorer.

What happens if you turn it back on now?

This problem sounds familiar because this happens in DO 9 to me on occasion.

Without any details, it's hard to know if what you have seen occasionally is related.

Chances are you just had some other program/installer which was launching a folder on startup (e.g. sometimes installers put a folder into the Start Menu -> Startup folder for some reason), and since Opus was set to Explorer Replacement that triggered an Opus window.

All right, I found the culprit.
Directory Opus was not responsible.

Again thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.