Lister Opening from Single Clicking Desktop Windows11

Hello, I just recently switched from Windows10 to 11. Everything has been working smoothly, except when I single click my desktop it opens Opus. I am used to double-clicking the desktop to open Opus so this is making me open a lister on accident very frequently.

What I checked

  • Preferences > Launching Opus > From the Desktop
  • I disabled any desktop affecting programs I have (Wallpaper Engine)
  • I ensured my mouse was not malfunctioning by using a tester and using a completely different mouse.

It is not a big deal and the Windows 11 experience has been seamless except this one small thing! I am just hoping there is a way to change it back to double click. Thanks for the help!

This is a bug in Windows 11 which we have a workaround for in the current beta versions, which you can download via the link at the top of the page.

Older thread: Double-Click on Desktop starts activating on single click

This solved it! I apologize for cluttering the Support channel; I did not find that post when searching through! Thank you for your help.

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