Lister style specific font size

I couldn't seem to find a way to set a specific font size in just one lister style. I want to create a style that shows just the basics with a very large font so I can see the filenames of multimedia files from the couch and navigate with a remote. But obvioulsy I want to keep a small font size for the rest of my styles.

With all the configuration options it seems this should be possible but I couldn't find it.

If it's not, is it possible to create a font size toggle custom button for the toolbar?


As far as I'm aware, the only place to change Opus fonts is in
Settings Menu - Preferences - Display - Colors & Fonts - Fonts.

Furthermore, there are no Opus raw commands that will permit you to change font settings.

The closest option available is to create two Opus themes: one for regular use and one with your font changes. There is still no automated way to switch between Opus themes, but this might allow you to configure Opus with specialized font settings in less steps.

Ken, I needed this info, too. Thanks.

Question: Why is this sort of info in the program help file.?

You want the help file to mention all the things you can't do?

I have the same need so was wondering if this feature is implemented now 13 years later?

Have you tried zooming the file display? Can be done via CTRL and the mouse wheel.

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I believe layouts do now save font size overrides, yes. Ctrl + Mouse Wheel or Ctrl + + to increase the font size in just one window.

(Use Preferences if you want to increase the font size everywhere. Unless the issue is Opus is using really tiny fonts on a high DPI system, which usually means Windows Compatibility settings are being wrongly applied to Opus, and should be turned off.)

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Thanks both, I'll try experimenting with that :slightly_smiling_face:

From my testing, layouts do save font size overrides but on a folder by folder basis.

Fonts set in Preferences are global across all layout.

I would request that fonts set in Preferences be set on a layout by layout basis.

Do you mean tabs, rather than folders?

A tab with a changed font size stays that size when I go into another folder.

You are quite correct, thank you. Layouts do save font size overrides but on a tab by tab basis.

Historically in other file managers, I have a habit of conflating folders and tabs because I "see" a folder/directory "in" a tab. DO provides more granularity.