Lister Styles Not Updating For Newly Opened Windows


Finally decided to buy DOpus for Windows, I used it on the Amiga a looooooong time ago, still have the disks and box!

However, I have one issue that is a little annoying, maybe there's an option to sort it, I can't find one (also did a forum search to no avail).

I have a Lister style setup the way I like it, one of the options I have on is 'auto-size columns'.

Problem is, when I start a new Lister, it opens with my style applied, but I have to click the style tab once to force it to auto-size the columns. Is there any way to have it fully apply the style I've set up, or should it be doing this and it's a bug?

Also, it would be nice if when you right click on the column header in any window there was the option to auto-size all columns, Windows Vista has this, it's a nice feature, can we have it please Jonathan!


Actually, something else regarding columns. If I ever click on the 'Date Modified' column it nearly always means "show me the newest files at the top please", but in DOpus I have to click it twice like I did in XP (again Vista does this properly IMO).

Is there a way to solve this, I'm aware of the 'Sorting' options in the Lister styles, but not entirely sure it's what I want.

Thanks in advance for any help!



Hi Matt,

Please ask one question per thread (unless they're closely related) so the threads don't become a jumble and so people don't have to reply to all-or-nothing at once. :slight_smile:


I suspect you just need to change your folder formats (see the Folder Formats FAQ) so that the auto-size option is always used and maybe re-save the default lister after that (Settings -> Set as Default Lister) since it's the default lister, not a particular style, that is used when you open a new window (by default, anyway :slight_smile:).

You can do this yourself. Put this command into the Lister Column Header context menu, via Settings -> Customize:

You can also run the button from a hotkey or toolbar if you prefer. It's also possible to make it autosize both file displays of a dual-display lister if you want.

Of course, if you have automatic sizing on then you should rarely/never have to run the button. (It'll only be useful to shrink columns if a filenam becomes shorter and stuff like that.)
[li]Date Modified:

You can change the default sort order via Preferences -> Display -> Fields.[/li][/ul]

Leo, you Sir, are the man!

I knew DOpus would have options to sort these out, one of the great things about it has always been it's configurability, but is also one of its pitfalls if you're not sure where to look!


Apologies for the multiple questions, but as they were column related (sort of) I thought it wouldn't be too much of an issue.

But I understand why, makes searching for answers easier if they are not buried in another thread!