Lister Takes Long Time to Open Folder Tree

When windows first boots and everything is "fresh" the lister when opened displays the Folder Tree almost instantaneously however, after a few open and closes throughout the course if the day, the lister when re-opened can take 30 - 60 seconds to open display the Folder Tree, just like it "hangs" for a period of time.

If I kill the processes dopus.exe & dopusrt.exe from the task manger then re-open the list, instantaneous again for a while. Is there a way for the lister to re-flush its self or is there a cache setting I can change?

W7 64, i7-860, 8G RAM and installed on a SSD.

Slight Update - just killing dopusrt.exe only from the task manger brings the Lister back to life. I know I lose the double click on the desktop function which is extremley handy but, this far out-weighs the "hanging" I experience.

How are you opening the lister?

Hi Leo,

I typically use 2 methods:

  1. Double click the desktop for the last Lister

  2. Rocket Dock (RD) (ported from MAC fame;

    Setup in RD:
    TARGET = "C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\GPSoftware Directory Opus\dopus.exe"
    START IN = "C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\GPSoftware Directory Opus"
    ARGUMNET = C:\

Is use this method for a number of fixed and Mapped network drives with the only change being the ARGUMENT.

I don’t use the OPUS desktop or taskbar icon, deleted these.

[ul][li]Do you get the slowdown if you open the lister in other ways?

[li]What if you turn the tree off in your default lister, then open a window -- presumably no delay -- and then turn the tree on in the window after it has opened? Is there a delay then?

[li]Does it matter what your starting folder is?

[li]Got any network drives mapped to unreachable computers?[/li][/ul]

Hi Leo,

Some responses;

• Do you get the slowdown if you open the lister in other ways? If I right click on the desktop & click “New Lister” same result.
• What if you turn the tree off in your default lister, then open a window -- presumably no delay -- and then turn the tree on in the window after it has opened? Is there a delay then? Never a delay in the RH window that displays the actual folders. Will need to test the with the Tree Off when it plays up again.
• Does it matter what your starting folder is? No, have not noticed any difference, regardless of the starting folder. The selections (ARGUMENTS) I use are typically just the drive letter and open to the root folder... C:, D:, E:\ etc..
• Got any network drives mapped to unreachable computers? Yes, there are 5 mapped drives on the LAN and typically only one of those is on all the time. Also there is a 2GB USB 3.0 external drive connected and that is ON all of the time. However, when all is working fine, if I select a NW drive that is not available, the folder tree appears instantaneously and I get the error while connecting message as I rightly should.

Do you then see the delay if you turn the folder tree on for the window after it is open? (i.e. Open the window without a tree and then, assuming no delay so far, click View->Folder Tree; do you get a delay when the tree opens?)

It's definitely worth a try unmapping any unavailable drives to see if it cures the slowdown.

They can cause delays even in places that don't have any obvious/direct connection to the drives, including in tools that never access them themselves, presumably because they're waiting for some system component to respond but that component is tied up waiting for the drive/connection to timeout. The timeout is usually 30 seconds.

e.g. I've seen it cause opening the start menu to take a long time, even though there's nothing in the start menu that references the drives.

Hi Leo,

I deleted all of the mapped drives and the issues seems to disappear. This is not really a good solution though as when the other machines are on I will need to go back and re-map them.

Good to know the possible cause and not sure of what the long term solution should be.



Could you use UNC paths to access those machines instead of mapping drives to them? That would solve the problem.

If the drive letters are only used as a convenient way to get to the shares you could set up some buttons on your Opus toolbar, and/or aliases if you want fast keyboard access, to go to the shares.

On the other hand, if the drive letters are needed for compatibility with something which doesn't understand UNC paths then that is a pain. Best I can think of is buttons which automate the mapping/unmapping.

I could try UNC paths for a couple of the drives but one drive in particulalr is on a media server and I need the mapped drive to do some automated & batch file updates.

I will investigate some other processes that may be suitable. Thanks again for your really quick responses and help.



I still think DOpus is the best available app for windows and worth more than the money I paid for it.... period.... plus support is best bar none...