Lister toggle from dual pane to single back loses linked tabs

Hello, I usually use dual pane listers, and occassionally I need to maximize a pane so I have assigned a hotkey. However, whenever I toggle back to dual pane, all tab links are gone.
Is there a way to have D.O. remember last dual pane state?
Thank you

If you use the command Set DUAL=toggle,remember to toggle the second pane off and on then it will remember its tabs.

Thanks but it is on already.
The tabs re open, it is the links between source and destination tabs that are lost.

Latest beta update installed automatically, and I noticed that for newly created tabs, there is no Link tab option in context menu, only Lock tab.
For tabs that existed before the update, Link tab appears in context menu.Tab%20Context%20Menu_New%20Tabs Tab%20Context%20Menu_Existing%20Tabs

Nothing has changed there recently, and it still looks OK to me here.

Do you actually have a dual-display open there? The screenshots are cropped so we can't see any context.

Yes dual display. Apparently I had more than 8 tab links which seems to be the limit. Once I unlinked a pair or two, the Link tab option appeared again

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