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Lister Viewer Pane inline display?



currently the lister viewer pane can be aligned on the right side and on the bottom of DO.

Presumably this option does not exist already, would it be possible to add a third option to display the viewer inside the lister on the bottom?
When displaying e.g. a PDF file, the view is very small when the file is shown on the bottom. If I display this file on the right side, the size is too small, too!

Hence, when displaying a file inside a lister, on bottom, it would be way bigger and better readable.

Moreover, this additional options allows, in case of a dual vertical layout, to view two files at once.



Do you mean you want the viewer to completely cover the file display, or something else?


Not not quite: not cover the complete file display but a part of it, perhaps with the possibility to resize the viewer container/panel with a resizer bar.

Similar to this concept:

This hardcopy is a part of my listers and I've inserted the viewer pane (from the left sided) to the bottom. A bar on top of the PDF (picture, textfile etc.) allows me to resize the content horizontally.

When resizing the DO main window it should resize the viewer accordingly, just like the listers already resize themselves today.