Lister Viewer Pane inline display?


currently the lister viewer pane can be aligned on the right side and on the bottom of DO.

Presumably this option does not exist already, would it be possible to add a third option to display the viewer inside the lister on the bottom?
When displaying e.g. a PDF file, the view is very small when the file is shown on the bottom. If I display this file on the right side, the size is too small, too!

Hence, when displaying a file inside a lister, on bottom, it would be way bigger and better readable.

Moreover, this additional options allows, in case of a dual vertical layout, to view two files at once.


Do you mean you want the viewer to completely cover the file display, or something else?

Not not quite: not cover the complete file display but a part of it, perhaps with the possibility to resize the viewer container/panel with a resizer bar.

Similar to this concept:

This hardcopy is a part of my listers and I've inserted the viewer pane (from the left sided) to the bottom. A bar on top of the PDF (picture, textfile etc.) allows me to resize the content horizontally.

When resizing the DO main window it should resize the viewer accordingly, just like the listers already resize themselves today.


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Obviously not the best suggestion, I suppose :wink:

So would it be possible to add a script button that closes one of my dual listers, actives the viewer panel and resizes it automatically to a specific size, e.g. like the closed lister.

Perfect would be if this script knows from which lister I've pressed the new button, e.g. which file 've selected and close the other lister in order to let the preview panel resizes accordingly.

Just a few thoughts...


You can turn off a file display and on the viewer pane easily enough. Viewer pane sizing is done by percentage of the available space, which might not be exact.

If you always have things the same size then you can save that as the default for when the viewer pane opens, if that would work?

Are you aiming to have the viewer pane show files from the file display which you're going to close? Or from the other file display which is still open?

From the other file display. E.g. I'm selecting a PDF file on the left file display and click to open the viewer panel. The right file display should automatically close and the viewer resizes to the now available bigger space.

After closing the viewer panel, the previously closed file display (on the right side in my example) should re-open again.

With simple words: Close unneeded file display, let the other one left open with the file I've selected. Display the viewer panel and resize the panel to the available space. Closing the viewer panel again resets DO to its previous state.

Simple, isn't it :yum:


But do you resize your windows and file display panes, or are they always the same size? (e.g. Maximized window, and each file display using half the available space.)

OK, I got a little bit closer to the result I would expect.

This is my default layout:

I've coded a script or command set which removes the file display on the right side and invokes the viewer pane:

@if:Set DUAL=on
Prefs STYLE="Explorer"
Set FOCUS=left
Prefs LAYOUT="MyLayout"

This is the result when pressing the button once and if pressing it again, the previous layout is restored, like shown in the first screenshot.

That's fine so far. Is there a better way to deactive the preview pane again and show the previously ("closed") file display on the right side again?

Loading the layout "MyLayout" make DO initialize again and start over rather than staying in the current focused folder. I would like a smart reset of my layout before pressing the new button.

Is there a chance to lessen the explorer pane on the left side by using a command?


You can use Set DUAL=<On/Off/Toggle>,Remember to turn the dual display on and off, and remember its previous folder.

You probably don't want to use styles for this as they won't remember the folder.

From the screenshots, it looks like the answer to my question is that the listers are always maximized, in which case you can save the default size of the file displays and viewer using Settings > Set as Default Lister. With their sizes saved, your button just has to turn them on and off.

Quick question: which one should I set as default lister? The one with dual vertical style or the one with the preview pane enabled?

In any case, it seems to me that I can only set up one default lister, right? How can I return to my dual layout again?

Edit: Currently these commands work as desired:

Set DUAL=Toggle,Remember
@if:Set DUAL=on
Set FOCUS=left

Maybe there is some room for enhancement?


The command looks fine.

Set the default lister to be what you want to have open by default. The button will toggle so it doesn't matter which way around things are by default.

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Leo, is there a command to get the current focused file display and set the focus accordingly? Right now I assume that my e.g. PDF file is always located in the left display, however, I would make the script a bit more dynamically an focus left or right.


If you've turned off the other file display and only have one open, then the left file display is the only one you'll have. It'll always be left.