Listing is always in CAPITALS

Sorry, a naive question from a "newbie":

I have gone into Preferences and set DOpus to open in "Dual Vertical" and have set the "View Mode" in both Left and Right File Display to "List". When I double click on the icon in my System Tray, DOpus opens with all the folders and files displayed in CAPITALS and the names are restricted to eight characters (e.g. ACRONI~1).

How do I get it to show the full folder or file name in Caps and lower case?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I have the same problem but it is not constant. It will open normally bu after 15 minutes or so everything will switch to caps. If I close the precesses and restart DO9 it will be fine again generally. I didn't have this in, it first appeared in and is still there in even though I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled it.

Thanks for the link. Reinstalling DOpus and re-applying the digital signature seems to have cured the problem -- for the moment anyway!

If it goes wrong again then you might want to run a virus checker!


I am experiencing this problem and the digital signatures are valid

The only wildcard is that I'm running this 9.x version in virtualbox in windows 7.

Is this just not compatible with virtualbox? :frowning:

or perhaps 12.x versions are compatible?
(if so, I have no problem buying a new version)


VirtualBox should be fine.

Please link your account for support with this issue.

hmm, seems like a reinstall fixed it - that sure was odd