.lnk extensions shown on the Desktop


  1. Directory Opus 12.6.2 (beta) пробовал, Рабочий стол так выглядел:
  2. Directory Opus 12.6.2 (beta) обновил на Directory Opus 12.6.3 (beta), программа попросила перезагрузки, перезагрузился и, Рабочий стол так выглядеть стал:

Итог: После обновления добавляются расширения .lnk на ярлыки рабочего стола

Eng translate

  1. Directory Opus 12.6.2 (beta) tried, the Desktop looked so normal.
  2. Directory Opus 12.6.2 (beta) updated on Directory Opus 12.6.3 (beta), the program asked for a reboot, rebooted, and all the steel shortcuts with the extension .lnk

Result: After the update, .lnk extensions are added to desktop shortcuts
Eng translate

(Moved to Off-Topic as Opus has nothing whatsoever to do with how icons or filenames are displayed on the Windows desktop, and there were no changes that could affect that in 12.6.3 either.)

Whatever happened when you rebooted was a coincidence with the Opus install.

Something probably messed up the .lnk filetype in the registry and removed the NeverShowExt setting from lnkfile, or de-coupled .lnk from lnkfile