Load config from network share


I would like to load the opus configuration from a networkshare instead of the local c drive.

how do I do that ?

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Import it or have Opus always read/write to that location?

Importing from a network share is easy. You just go to Settings -> Backup & Restore and point at the file you want to import.

Using a profile on a network share directly doesn't seem like a good idea. If you're aiming for "hot desking" then it's better to use roaming profiles. If you really want to try it though, you could create a junction (or mount the network folder) from the standard settings path (/dopusdata) to a network folder.

yes, im looking for roaming profiles.

isnt there some setting where opus looks for the config on startup ?

windows roaming profiles are too much of a hassle

Opus always stores its settings within the standard Windows user profile folders for program settings (unless you use the "shared configuration mode" where I think the settings will be stored under AppData instead).

If you want the settings to be stored elsewhere then you can either move the profile settings folder itself (which obviously moves settings for all other programs that use the standard profile folders) or you can create a junction or mount point that redirects just the Opus settings folder to somewhere else.

Creating the junction is just as easy as any other way of diverting the settings location. (At least on Vista where there are symbolic links. Not sure how best to divert/mount to a network folder on XP but I'm sure it's possible too.) (In fact, that's what I've done myself to move the Opus thumbnail cache folder to another drive so it's excluded from my nightly backups.)

As a slightly different alternative, you could simply copy the settings to and from a shared folder on another machine. Opus's config is stored in files so they can just be copied over. Or the Backup & Restore feature can be used, which does pretty much the same thing.