Loading layout and double clicking desktop results in crash

It's rare to trigger this but I managed to do it. The crash locked up entire PC and required a restart. Loading up DOpus after the reboot shows a blank lister in the file section. Needed to restored a backup cfg to get back my 'default lister'.

Enable Double-click on the Desktop with Open in default lister

  1. Close all listers
  2. Load a lister layout
  3. Double click the desktop immediately


I haven't been able to reproduce this so far.

Anything special about the layout? Does it have a lot of windows or tabs or take a long time to open?

Is Opus running in the background when you do this, or is the layout causing it to launch for the first time?

The default lister was loading 21 tabs and the layout was loading 2 windows with 15 tabs. Also trying to read some of the same folders within the default lister and the layout. So 3 windows and 36 tabs are being loaded.

This occurred after a fresh boot and dopusrt.exe was running prior to triggering the crash. When a program is loaded for the first time after a fresh boot it takes slightly longer to load aswell (along with the many tabs). So those combined gives me extra time to do the double-clicking step.

Do you have anything in the /scripts folder? Please try moving everything out of there (other than the CLI sub-folder, if it's there; that won't be involved) to see if the problem still happens. (Keep it so you can move everything back afterwards, of course.)

I think there may be an issue with OnBeforeFolderChange / OnAfterFolderChange scripts if a huge number of tabs all open at once, although I may have found a separate thing while trying to reproduce this.

When the problem happens, is it really the whole machine that freezes, or just the Opus windows and the window which launched the layout (e.g. the Desktop if you right-click it)?

I have 2 scripts that are using OnBeforeFolderChange and OnStartup, Removing all the scripts did not help.

It really does lock up mostly everything, it may just be the desktop (explorer.exe). I can move the mouse but cannot click anything. Windows key doesn't open the start menu, alt+tab works. ctrl+shift+escape opens task manager but cannot give the window any input. Therefore cannot restart explorer.exe. Hitting the power button on box initiates a clean shutdown when desktop is locked up.

Sounds like the shell is freezing but not the whole OS.

That should mean Task Manager still works, as long as you start it first. If I'm right, could you capture some snapshots of dopus.exe when it is in this state? Many thanks (and sorry for this issue)!

You should also be able to kill dopus.exe from Task Manager afterwards, to get the shell responding again.

Sorry for delay. I could not create a dump file because the task manager is not accepting input. I have a custom windows theme and in order to do so I needed to patch the shell. I suspect this may be why I can't interact with task manager and/or maybe causing the DOpus crash?. Will test to confirm. It's a bit time consuming to mess with the theme I will test in the coming days and see if anything changes.

I've tried several times now, been unable to re-trigger this crash (with the patched shell)... I will continue to periodically try from time to time and will report back here of any discoveries. Thanks.