Loading pictures into Paint.NET using Opus command "open with"

I have been using Paint.NET for years. Recently I received a prompt that a newer version was available, so I duly downloaded it - the result was 4.3.10. Now, when I highlight a file, and ask it to load with Paint.NET, it loads two copies of the graphic. Previously only one copy has been loaded. Is it something I am doing wrong, or is it a glitch in the program? I can't see anything in the settings covering this.

I posted this question On their support site, and received a number of replies, which seem to suggest others have the same problem. I then commented as follows:-

Well, that told me!!!

I have read through every one of these suggestions, and I have to admit I find myself slightly more confused than I was when I asked the question in the first place! I am not exactly new to computers, but I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a "techie". I started by using an Amiga, forty years ago. I taught myself, with some help from other Amigans, and produced some excellent work. I never wanted to stop using the Amiga, but due to lack of support and development, I found it necessary to buy a dreaded "droid" and expose myself to the mysteries and intricacies of the Microsoft system. However, I will never enjoy using it, as I enjoyed using the Amiga.

That said, we are where we are, and I now own a Windows 7 laptop, a Windows 10 laptop, and a Windows 10 tablet. I have Directory Opus installed on all of them - it is the one program I would not be without. Therefore, I was amazed to read in one of the replies, that of all of the "file sorting" programs tried, Opus was the only one that persisted in loading two copies of graphics into the program. Version 4.3.10 is the first version this has happened with, and therefore I would be inclined to say the "fault" lies with the paint program, rather than Opus.

I want to solve this problem, so I propose taking two courses of action. I will send copies of the replies to Greg Perry at Directory Opus (suitably "anonymised" of course), and ask him if he can suggest any other solution. Secondly, I will seek the help of a computer "expert" friend of mine as to the possibility of changing anything within the file loading system.

I will close this epistle by thanking everyone for their help, and I will report back on my hoped for success - or abject failure, as the case may be!!!

The ever helpful Greg suggested putting the question on here. Has anyone got any helpful suggestions?



If you install 12.27.1 beta (or later), it fixes the issue.

Many thanks Leo. Just done that and it works.

Trust Opus to have an answer for every problem!

Do I have permission to share this solution on the Paint.NET support site, to help others who have been having the same problem?

Yes, please do!

Hi Leo,

I had a chat with a friend of mine - who knows far more about computers than I can ever hope to do - and although he doesn't use Paint.NET, he has been having some problems with images - more to do with saving than loading. He has Opus 12.27, which I have now installed. I have suggested he get in touch. I noticed when reading the information with Opus 12.27 that it included updates from the beta version, so I installed it. Paint.NET still only loads one image with this, so I am happy. Perhaps you could keep me updated about this. Greg has all the info about it, and he tells me he has sent all the stuff I sent to him, to you, for your reference. Thanks again for your help.

Kathy Danby

What are the issues the other person is seeing? Saving images in Opus or Paint? Opus doesn’t affect saving images in other programs.

The issue with two images loading in Paint is resolved in the Opus beta so there shouldn’t be anything to update anyone about, other than it will be part of a future stable (non-beta) release which the update checker or forum can notify you about automatically.

Hi Leo,

My friend uses Serif software. He has used this for some time, and has also used Opus as his only file lister program. I don't know exactly what the problem is, or whether it is with Opus, but as my problem is solved, I'll let him contact you if he wishes.

However, as Greg has sent you a copy of my correspondence with him, I would like to know your thoughts on the matter.

Incidentally, it was Paint.NET I was using. I never use Paint - it is useless.

Regards, Kathy Danby

Doesn't seem relevant to this thread then. If he has an issue please ask him to post it to the forum, although it doesn't sound like it involves Opus if the issue is with saving files in Serif.

That's the program I mean. It's a pain to work out a way to stop the forum turning the name of the program into a link to an unrelated name (because the people who made it didn't register the domain name), so I've stopped adding the .Net to the end where context doesn't require it. :slight_smile:

Hi Leo,

As you say, we'll leave it as it is regarding my friend's problem.

Regarding my now solved problem - as Greg forwarded my long and rambling .pdf to you "for your reference", presumably he intended you to do some investigation into this supposed "glitch" Paint.NET's Rick Brewster is convinced is lurking within Opus. On his return from holiday, perhaps you could ask him whether this is the case, and if you DO investigate, perhaps you could let me know the results. I know it is academic now, but I don't like aspersions being cast on my favourite program!!! If Greg doesn't want to take it any further - that's fine.

Many thanks again. Regards. Kathy

The glitch is the thing that’s already fixed in the beta, unless I’ve misunderstood.

If it’s something other than Paint opening the file twice when Opus sends a file to Paint, please start a forum thread for it with details.

There was originally a bug in how Paint.Net registered itself, which we added a workaround for. That workaround had an accidental typo which meant that it worked at the time but later, when Paint.Net fixed the bug on their end, it triggered a new issue. So there was a problem in both programs at different times.

Hi Jon,

Many thanks for that. I have to admit that, as a non-techie person, I don't understand anything about how programs work - just that most times they do, but just sometimes they don't. I only use a fraction of Opus's features, and my computer literate friend admits that he does too!! It is such a complex program, but is certainly the best one I have ever used. I would be lost without it.

I have treated myself to some Good programs in recent years - I have to admit that I like Paint.NET, despite the smug attitude of Mr. Brewster! - but all of them just make using the "droid" more bearable. The best programs were on the Amiga (which is where my relationship with Opus began), and had development of the Amiga continued, I would still be using it today. So it's thanks to Opus that my life with the miseries of Windoze is a little easier!

I shall forward your e-mail to my friend, as I am sure he would want to know. In fact, I think Opus is vindicated, as although you have admitted there was a typo in your workaround (in my former job as a shorthand typist, I have seen more than my share of typos!), the original error was in Paint.NET. It tempts me to write to the smug Mr. Brewster, and tell him so!!

Thanks once again to yourself, Leo and Greg for solving the problems of an enthusiastic but amateur Opus user.

Kind regards.


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