Local Time Zone/Universal

I have a question that I don't know if Dopus or my machine controls. I notice that some of my files will have a modify date/time in my local time zone and yet others will show universal time. For example, I installed a program today 17DEC at 1700HST and yet all the install files show 18DEC at 0300. Actually, when I came to this forum it gave me the current date and time as universal time too. If I create a small text file and save it, it will show modify date/time in my local time zone (Hawaii Standard which is GMT -10). Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA-Bill

If you install a program the program's setup.exe may (and probably will) choose to set the dates on the files it installs so that they match the versions on the original developer's machine. Others may do something wrong and set the timestamps based on the wrong time-zone, but it's not Opus doing that.

Opus just shows the timestamps on the files. The only time Opus will change or copy a timestamp is when you explicitly tell it to with the Set Attributes command or when you copy a file or directory from one place to another (assuming Preferences / File Operations / Copying (1) / Preserve the timestamp of copied files is turned on.

The NTFS filesystem stores all timestamps as UTC time and user-mode programs like Opus and Explorer will convert these to your local timezone for display. I think the older FAT filesystem (used by Win9x and in some Win2k/XP systems for some reason as well) store times based on the local time-zone.

Either way, you should see the same thing in Opus as in Explorer and neither program are involved in setting the timestamps on programs that you install; they just display the times set in the filesystem.