Location and Search field colors

When customizing the toolbar it is possible to set the colors for most(all?) "Field Types" except 2 - "Path (Breadcrumbs)" or aka the Location field and "Search field". Those appear to be only controlled by the "Display->Colors->Toolbars and Menus" section of preferences and apply to both fields.

I am using "Field Types" because that is the menu label when you right click on an item on the toolbar after starting customize.

Obviously not a major issue unless your toolbars aren't all the same color, and even then, more of an issue of "consistency of preferences". And that's all I have to add to that subject. LOL

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LeoDirectory Opus developer

Nov 24, 2018

Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Toolbar and menu defaults, field background and field glyphs.

Sorry if I am being thick and missing something.... but how would I set the foreground/text color for these 2 field types? They are black right now, and with my dark theme.... no bueno.

Edit: I found the "Use Office 2003" option, and while it does fix the black text it also negatively affects the menus.

Text, background and glyph colors for the path and search fields are configured here in the Preferences:

They can't currently be changed independently of each other, if you wanted totally different colors for the path field and the search field. (We assume people want consistency of colors! :))

You slay me Leo.
Consistency doesn't mean one color to rule them all, and really, a Search field and a Path field? They don't seem all that similar to me! But then again I'm clearly not the target user as we have come to see time and time again! LOL You control the granularity. If you feel that having the fields combined, so be it. Doesn't matter because I don't use either of them anymore anyway. LOL VS-Extension make more sense for me, I'm mostly coding and text editing, so building basic file mgmt into the frame of VS just makes more sense. You'll get no more debates or gripes out of me kind Sir!
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