Location information in Post Title

Hi There
Regarding this forum post:

The title of the post above is as follows:

It seems to me that the title above is saying that the post in question lives at this location:
Call Categories > Downloads > Rename Presets

However when I go to Call Categories > Downloads > Rename Presets I cannot find the post.
I cannot remember how I came accross the post there is a link to it from somewhere (I dont think I came accrss it from searching)
Anyway it is a fantastic post i would like to know where it lives :slight_smile:
BTW I do like the new forum software. Makes it alot easier to post screenshots etc.
Thanks for any reply....

It's here: Script to perform multiple Regular Expressions

It's there. It's the 6th item from the bottom for me.

@MMXVII and so it is thankyou sir :slight_smile: